A long list for Ripon as parliament resumes

Projects and services in Ripon will be the focus for Louise Staley as she prepares for the first parliamentary sitting week of 2021.

Drivers education in Charlton and improved aged care facilities in St Arnaud will be just a couple of the critical issues Ms Staley will be raising in parliament when sitting resumes for the new year on 2 February.

“It has been a busy summer, and I am eager to get back to parliament so I can advocate strongly for the many communities in Ripon,” Ms Staley said.

“Many parents across the Wimmera have contacted me to let me know that greater access to drivers’ education is needed. With being able to drive, and to do so safely, being such a huge part of living in regional Victoria, the Andrews Labor Government must fund the much-needed capital works at Charlton to enable this important service to continue.”

“Also, aged care facilities in St Arnaud are inadequate and need to be extended with substantial funding to make up for decades of neglect by Labor.”

“I intend to raise these issues in parliament next week on behalf of these Ripon communities.”

Ms Staley said she would, in her role as Shadow Treasurer, continue to call on the Andrews Government to lift their game on managing the economy and the state budget.

“Daniel Andrews and Labor have wasted too much money on budget blowouts in metropolitan Melbourne. As we look to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, people in Ripon need a government who will ensure that government spending goes to where it is needed,” Ms Staley said.

“People in Ripon, and right across Victoria, need a plan for jobs and economic recovery. I will keep holding Daniel Andrews and Labor to account during the coming weeks in parliament.”