Billions spent for slower trains to Ballarat

Commuters from Ballarat to Melbourne are today spending more time on trains and less time at home doing the things they enjoy thanks to Labor’s slowed-down train timetables.

Following months of disruption where commuters have endured terrible train performance, Labor’s answer to make trains meet their timetable targets is to make the timetables slower.

The Ballarat Rail Upgrade Project has cost more than $500 million but for all that money, what commuters have to show for it is slower travel times.

The new timetables, effective today, contain 117 slower services from the Ararat, Ballarat and Maryborough lines.

This is after years of substandard service on those lines, including 35 consecutive months of underperformance on the Maryborough line.

Comments attributable to Member for Ripon, Louise Staley

“Commuters from Ararat, Ballarat and Maryborough deserve a reliable train service to get them to and from work as quickly as possible and under Daniel Andrews, they are not getting this.

“Instead they are getting 117 slower services a week.

“Labor’s rail fail is meaning Victorian commuters are being left at the station, getting home later and spending more time on the already crowded trains.

“It is another example of Daniel Andrews’ arrogant disregard for Victorians who don’t live inside the tram tracks.”