CFA Volunteer Firefighters need our support

Ripon MP, Louise Staley has pledged her support for volunteer firefighters who face not having a say in how the CFA is run, following Daniel Andrews intervention to keep his union mates at the United Firefighters Union happy.

Over 400 CFA vehicles and 1,000 CFA volunteers from across country Victoria descended upon Spring St over the weekend to show their opposition to a new deal which will give the United Firefighters Union the final say on operational matters within the CFA.

To please the Union; Daniel Andrews had to go against the advice of his own Emergency Services Minister Jane Garrett, who had opposed such an arrangement.

Ms. Staley, who on Saturday stood shoulder to shoulder with Local CFA brigades including, Maryborough, Ararat, St Arnaud, Snake Valley, Stawell, Beaufort, Skipton, and Carisbrook; said the communities across the seat of Ripon were solely protected by Volunteer CFA Firefighters who need our full support.

“Ripon is home to 95 CFA fire brigades, which are entirely made up of volunteers; If not for the CFA we would be totally unprotected from fires.” Ms Staley said.

“Volunteers firefighters need our support. If they don’t get a say in their organisation, then we run the risk of losing them.”

“A union takeover of the CFA will lead to local volunteers being sidelined and pushed out; our community simply cannot afford this.”

 “If the CFA loses the service of local volunteers, then who else can country Victorians turn to protect our homes.”

“Daniel Andrews is too concerned, with snatching power for his union mates than looking after our state.”  

“The Liberal’s under Matthew Guy are committed to standing up for country firefighters; we will not allow them to be steamrolled by a militant union.”