CFA Volunteer Numbers Plummet

Communities at risk as CFA Volunteer numbers plummet


Ripon MP, Louise Staley has hit out at the Andrews Government for driving away CFA Volunteers and leaving local communities at risk.


This week’s Productivity Commission’s Report on Government Services has revealed that the number of CFA volunteers in Victoria has dropped significantly under Daniel Andrews.

The report shows that since Daniel Andrews and the UFU began waging war on the CFA, the number of operational volunteer firefighters has plunged 6.9% from 38,048 in June 2014 to 35,585 in June 2016.

The Productivity Commission also found that the Andrews Labor Government has cut funding for the State Emergency Service (SES) by more than $1.25 million.

Ms Staley said Daniel Andrews unprecedented war on the CFA has driven away many dedicated volunteers and left us exposed.

“Victoria now has 2400 fewer CFA volunteers saving lives and properties because Daniel Andrews put union deals ahead of community safety.” Ms Staley said.

“Daniel Andrew savage war against the CFA has forced out local volunteer firefighters; leaving our homes and properties exposed.”

“There are over 90 all-volunteer CFA brigades protecting the towns and communities of Ripon, none of these brigades can afford to lose volunteers”.

“Smaller country communities depend greatly on volunteers when our local fire there is often nobody left in the community to feel that void.”

“With our local volunteer heroes being driven away, who is left to protect our communities?”