Crime in Ararat continues to soar under Daniel Andrews

Daniel Andrews’ careless regard for law and order continues to put Ararat residents at risk according to Member for Ripon, Louise Staley.

Crime has continued to rise in Ararat, with the latest figures from the Crime Statistics Agency showing 1278 offences recorded by police in the most recent quarter up 21.5% since the election of the Andrews Government in December 2014.

Member for Ripon, Louise Staley said the Andrews Government needed to do more.

“Victorians continue to feel less safe under his government and yet, Daniel Andrews keeps on spinning about crime statistics. 

 “Today’s results are more than statistics; these are families and communities that are victimised because of the Andrews Government’s inability to combat rising crime.” Ms Staley said.

“Our police work extremely hard to keep our communities safe but they are being hamstrung by a broken justice system and weak bail laws that see a revolving door of offenders.

 “We urgently need more police and tougher sentencing.”

“More and more local families are feeling unsafe; the Andrews Government has had three years to fix this but instead they have weakened the bail laws and allowed repeat offenders back out on to the streets.”

Shadow Minister for Police, Edward O’Donohue said that while Victorians are less safe with increases in numbers of violent crimes, NSW is experiencing dramatic declines in crime rates. 

“In the nearly four years since Daniel Andrews was elected, Victoria’s murder rate is up 6.9% while in NSW it has decreased by 41.8%. In Victoria in the category of motor vehicle theft, figures are up 7.6% while in NSW it has fallen by 12.8%. Robberies in Victoria are up 33% but over the same period in NSW it is down 27.5%.” Mr O’Donohue said.

“The Liberals have a plan that includes more police, tougher conditions for bail, mandatory sentencing for repeat violent offenders and most importantly, putting the interests of victims of crime at the centre of the justice system.”

At the next election Victorians will have a clear choice between more of the same soft approach from Daniel Andrews or a Liberal plan that offers real action and will keep our communities safe.” Ms Staley said.