Crime rates continue to surge in Ararat

This morning the Crime Statistics Agency released its annual report revealing that the number of offences recorded by police in the year to 30 June 2016 was 535,826. This is up 13.4% from the same period last year.

There were 174,705 offender incidents recorded in the year to 30 June 2016, up 11.2% from 157,130 in the year to 30 June 2015.

Crime Statistics in Ararat Shire

  • The local government area of Ararat recorded a total crime increase of 10.3%
  • Burglaries increased from 55 offences to 75 offences, an increase of 40%
  • Drug use and possession offences increased from 50 offences to 100, an increase of 100%
  • Weapons and explosives offences increased by 15.79%

Member for Ripon, Louise Staley MP said until Daniel Andrews gets tougher on law and order crime will continue to spiral out of control.

“Ararat residents deserve to feel safe in their homes yet burglaries are up 40% in 12 months and it is clear much of this crime is fuelled by very large increases in drug crimes of dealing, trafficking and use” Ms Staley said.

“The police are to be commended for catching so many offenders but it is deeply concerning that under Daniel Andrews Government, weak sentencing will see many of these offenders already back on the streets.”

“Daniel Andrews needs to stop his empty words about the country and actually do something to help communities by hiring more police now.”

“Our police are dedicated and highly experienced but there are too few of them in the face of the crime spree Ararat is now experiencing.”

Shadow Minister for Police Edward O’Donohue said that Daniel Andrew love of closing police station and cutting frontline police numbers is starting to hurt our community.

“Daniel Andrews needs to give police the resources needed to reopen all the police stations that have been forced to cut their hours and put more police on the beat.” Mr O’Donohue said. 

“While Daniel Andrews is at war with the CFA, there’s a gang war on our streets.”


“Instead of being at war with the CFA and Labor factions, Daniel Andrews should try going to war with violent criminals.”