Daniel Andrews unfair tax on country taxi users

The Andrews Government today introduced legislation that will see a $2 tax on every taxi ride, Uber trip or other ride-sharing service across Victoria.


The increased fee will help to pay for the Andrews Government $494 million compensation fund to taxi license holders affected by the legalisation of Uber.

Member for Ripon Louise Staley has attacked the plan, claiming it was unfair to charge country taxi passengers an extra $2 when Uber services were only available in Melbourne and Geelong.

“Local Taxi passengers will be slugged an extra $2 every time they catch a taxi, why should regional Victorians be hit with this tax when Uber only operates in the city.” Ms Staley said.

“Uber has not yet expanded their operations into country Victoria, yet Daniel Andrews wants country Victoria to help pay for services in Melbourne; that is not fair”. Ms Staley said.

“This tax will make life harder for local residents; pensioners should be hit with a $4 charge for a round trip to the doctor.”

“Whilst Uber is not in country Victoria the State Government should not be slugging local taxi passengers to pay for a service they don’t have access to.”