Gagging Liberal MP’s will not end CFA dispute

Ripon MP, Louise Staley has warned the Andrews Government that stopping local MP’s from speaking at CFA functions will not end the State Government's dispute with the CFA.

After forcing out a Minister, sacking the board and CEO and banning volunteer firefighters from protesting in uniform; Daniel Andrews hand-picked management has now written to local CFA brigades forbidding them from involving their local opposition MP from any functions or events.

This includes; medal presentations, station openings, truck handovers and brigade dinners.

Ms. Staley who has been a regular fixture at local CFA brigade events across the seat of Ripon; said ‘Dictator Dan’ had gone too far, and this latest desperate move prevents her from fulfilling her role as a Member of Parliament.

“CFA brigades are entitled to have their local MP speak at their functions and events no matter which party they belong to; Daniel Andrews is ignoring this and is trying to freeze out all who oppose him with this EBA.” Ms. Staley said

“I was selected by the voters, to represent all people and groups across the Ripon electorate, Daniel Andrews needs to let me get on with my job.”

“There are over 90 all-volunteer CFA brigades protecting Ripon’s communities, they deserve our thanks and it is wrong that Daniel Andrews is now stopping me from thanking them on behalf of the Parliament and the community.”

“Some of my brigades are over 100 years old and have had decades of MPs attending their events – from all political persuasions – banning Liberal MPs goes against our democratic values and must be opposed.”

“Silencing me for sticking up for the CFA is undemocratic, local brigades deserve access to their local MPs.”