Gold tax puts Stawell jobs on shaky ground

Member for Ripon and Shadow Treasurer, Louise Staley MP this week visited the Stawell Goldmine to discuss the impact of the Andrews Labor Government’s new gold mining tax on local jobs. 

Ms Staley and Shadow Resources Minister Ryan Smith met with Campbell Olsen, CEO and Troy Cole, General Manager of Stawell Goldmine.

Ms Staley said the meeting with Mr Olsen and Mr Cole confirmed that this is a tax on regional employers that puts local jobs at risk.

“The Treasurer, Tim Pallas needs to take into account the risk that this royalty poses to jobs in Stawell and the consequent loss of wealth injected every year into the local Stawell economy.”

“The gold industry is an important part of Stawell’s economy, and Labor’s latest big new tax is going to make life even tougher for regional Victoria.”

Stawell Goldmine directly employs local staff and contractors as well as supporting jobs at several local suppliers.

Mr Olsen said Stawell Goldmine was already being impacted by Labor’s new gold tax.

“Labor’s new gold tax has had a direct impact on our businesses current and future operations – we have been forced to carefully consider our forward investment and operations strategy.”

Despite the uproar from Victoria’s gold mining industry, Treasurer Tim Pallas is standing by his new 2.75% Gold Mining Royalty. The Treasurer is running out of ways to prop up his Government’s overspending and cost blowouts on major projects in Melbourne. He is now risking regional jobs to raid the pockets of Victorian gold miners. 

Shadow Resources Minister Ryan Smith said “Daniel Andrews and Tim Pallas have sprung this new tax on our gold mining industry without warning and without consultation,”

“The Stawell Goldmine deserves a fair hearing into the implementation of this Royalty.”

As many workers in Stawell face an uncertain future, the Treasurer has shown a complete disregard for the consequences these men and women face as a result of his decision. When asked recently at the Melbourne Press Club why he suddenly imposed a new gold tax, the Victorian Treasurer said: “because I could”.