Labor at war with itself over CFA

Former Labor Premiers Steve Bracks and John Brumby have both expressed their bewilderment to Labor colleagues about Daniel Andrews handling of the CFA crises.

The revelations in the Herald Sun follow a steady stream of leaks from within the Government as a fallout from Daniel Andrews union-backed war on CFA Volunteers.


Ripon MP Louise Staley said this divided Government spends too much time fighting itself and not enough time governing Victoria”.


“Even former Labor Premiers are now telling Daniel Andrews he has completely botched this whole saga. Daniel Andrews must now stop this war and pledge his support to CFA volunteers.” Ms Staley said


“Daniel Andrews power grab for his union mates has put him offside with his own colleagues, he needs to listen to them and stop this unjust crusade against CFA volunteers.”


“Daniel Andrews wouldn’t listen to Jane Garret, and now he arrogantly won’t listen to his former bosses Steve Bracks and John Brumby, he thinks he has all the answers.”


“A union takeover over of the CFA will see volunteer numbers plummet, Ripon has 90 plus CFA Brigades and none of these can afford to lose any volunteers.”