Labor’s new Mining Tax will cost local jobs

Member for Ripon Louise Staley has described the Andrews Government’s latest Mining Tax as a cruel blow to local jobs.

Despite previously promising no new taxes, the Andrews Government yesterday announced a 2.75 per cent Gold Royalty.

The new tax will severely impact mining operations in Stawell, Central Victoria and Ballarat.

Ms Staley said this cruel tax came out of the blue without any consultation.

“240 regional mining jobs are under threat at just one local mine because Labor introduced a new mining tax without any warning.” Ms Staley said.

“Daniel Andrews has learnt nothing from Bill Shortens embarrassing election loss; Labor still refuses to support the mining industry”.

“Labor racked debts during the election campaign and is now turning to the local mining industry to pick up the tab.”

“The Andrews Government can't manage money. That's why they always come after yours. Even if it costs you your job.”

“Daniel Andrews lacks courage, no Gold Mines across Stawell, Ballarat and Central Victoria were briefed before being slugged by this tax”. 

“Labor’s reckless spending is out of control, and it is now set to impact local employment,”

“Any worker that loses their job will have Daniel Andrews to thank.”