Labor’s Resources Red Tape costs local Quarry jobs

Shadow Minister for Resources and Energy, David Southwick and Member for Ripon, Louise Staley last week visited Palladium Quarries in Percydale to hear firsthand how Labor’s resources red tape is costing local jobs.

Situated in Percydale, just outside the township of Avoca, Palladium Quarries which is Victorian owned and operated creates several ranges of decorative aggregate products as well as construction materials and decorative landscape products.

Managing Director Michael Feldman took Mr Southwick and Ms Staley for a tour of the site showing them the significant investment that has been made to develop the site and also describing the enormous regulatory hurdles that the company faced in trying to get the site operational.

“Palladium Quarries is a fantastic, locally owned and operated business, it is extremely disappointing to hear, yet again, that because of Labor’s ridiculous red-tape requirements that this site has not been able to be fully operational.

Palladium Quarries have been waiting for months for the regulators to visit the site and complete all the necessary checks and yet here they are still waiting.

Minister for Resources, Tim Pallas likes to tell everyone that the Government have implemented the Cronin Report into better regulation of mines and quarries and yet here we are, a year on, and nothing has changed.” Mr Southwick said.

Ms Staley said the visit was also an opportunity to see and hear what has been holding back local jobs and investment.

“Local quarries such as this one and mines up in Stawell are major local employers; it is simply not good enough that employers are unable to hire the staff they need because of regulatory red-tape.

On a recent visit to Stawell, Tim Pallas, was happy to boast about creating jobs in the resources industry and yet it unwilling, despite saying he will, to remove the high degree of red tape in the industry,” Ms Staley said.

Palladium Quarries supplies a significant amount of products used in building and road construction projects.

Managing Director, Michael Feldman, said “with all the critically important infrastructure currently underway in Victoria, it is disappointing that the quarry isn’t at full production because of excessive red-tape regulation.”

“Removing the regulatory burden for companies such as Palladium Quarries and other local quarries and mines is critical to supporting and growing local employment and industry.

An elected Liberals government will work to ensure that projects such as this don’t face burdensome regulation and are able to get operational as soon as possible.” Ms Staley said.