Labors late country road funding does not make up for three years of neglect

Daniel Andrews axed the $160 Million Country Roads and Bridges program back in 2015, resulting in local roads falling into disrepair.

Local roads and bridges have since decayed after $28 Million was ripped from fixing roads in the Ripon Electorate.

Earlier this year the Liberals announced to fully restore the $160 Million Country Roads and Bridges Program that received the chop under Labor.

Ripon MP Louise Staley said the Andrews Government recently announced country road funding commitment was far too late, and would do little to reverse the damage done from years of neglect.

“When Labor came to power they axed the $160 Million Country Roads and Bridges Fund leaving local roads to decay and crumble over the past four years.” Ms Staley said.

“Labor has finally woken up to the poor condition of local roads, this will not be enough to make up scrapping $28 Million that was set to fix country roads in Ripon over the past four years.”

“The Liberals are committed to restoring the $160 Million Country Roads Fund and will get to work on fixing the damage caused to country roads under Labor.”

“How can we trust a Premier who allowed country roads to rot over the past four years in favour of fixing roads around his metropolitan electorate of Mulgrave?”

“Daniel Andrews has proved time and time again that he doesn’t care about country Victoria.”

“Only a Liberal Government will get regional Victoria moving again.”