Liberals confirm commitment to build Lucas Primary School

Shadow Minister for Education, Tim Smith MP and Ripon MP, Louise Staley today confirmed that an elected Liberal Government will build a brand new Primary School for Lucas.

Lucas is a fast-growing suburb of Ballarat, the existing Catholic Primary School is at capacity and students who are unable to attend that school are travelling to neighbouring suburbs of Alfredton and Miners Rest where those schools are also nearing capacity.

“A new Primary School for Lucas is desperately needed, local schools have been at capacity for a number of years, and Ballarat is continuing to expand,”

“In 2014 Labor committed $5 million to the development of Lucas Primary School, here we are 4 years on and not a single bit of work has started.” Mr Smith said.

The new school to be designed in consultation with the Lucas Community, local Council and Department of Education will be designed to ensure it has sufficient capacity to meet the growing needs of the Lucas community and will also include extensive sporting grounds for the community.

“Labor have forgotten about the Lucas community. Building a new school for Lucas should have been a priority and it should have been delivered by now,”

“The Andrews Government has been playing politics with the Lucas community by delaying funding for a new Primary School until an election year.” Ms Staley said.

Mr Smith said, “The Andrews Government has dragged its heels on Lucas Primary School for four years. Only in an election year do they start to pay attention to the demands of the residents.

“Daniel Andrews has no plan, no vision and no interest in decentralisation and what is needed to ensure our regional communities can thrive.”

Only an elected Liberal Nationals Government will deliver a new Primary School for the families of Lucas.