Liberals plan to stamp out violent re-offending

Member for Ripon Louise Staley says a future Liberal Government is committed to making Victoria safe again following the release of the State Opposition’s plan to crack down on violent reoffenders by introducing statutory minimum jail terms for criminals who are found guilty of a second offence.

A future Matthew Guy Government will not only direct these at violent gangs, but they will also extend to all areas of our community where violence is prevalent. Domestic violence is a critical area where it is vital to come down heavily on re-offenders who fail to learn from past offending.

This announcement follows the release of a suite of policies aimed at making Victoria safe including announcements on bail, sentencing, police resourcing and youth justice; only the liberals are committed to providing.

State Liberal Leader Matthew Guy said he was committed to making Victoria safe again.

“To stop this crime wave we need mandatory sentencing and mandatory jail times, that's what I will introduce,” Mr Guy said.

Mr Guy said, “Victorians have had enough of the Andrews Government going soft on crime; it's time for a new approach, a tough approach.”

“No more excuses, no more second chances, it's two strikes, and you’re in,” he said.

Ripon MP Louise Staley said these laws would see repeat violent offenders go away for a long time.

“Enforcing minimum terms sends a loud message that Victoria will cease to tolerate those who think they can continue to defy the law by spreading violence, intimidation and fear.” Ms Staley said.

“Getting tough on repeat offenders combined with hiring more police with better resources will help to drive down crime in our community.”

“Labor’s refusal to get tough has seen crime spiral out of control in Ripon; the community has lost faith in Daniel Andrews ability to keep them safe.”