Louise Staley- Daniel Andrews ambushes CFA volunteers

This week is National Volunteers Week and while Victorians are celebrating the generous contribution of CFA firefighters’ Daniel Andrews is planning to sell out volunteers by splitting the CFA.


Labor’s secret cabinet committee designed to tear apart the CFA into a regional volunteer-only body and assistant volunteer body elsewhere will end up in the exit of thousands of CFA volunteers.


Daniel Andrews is playing with fire; within weeks he has cut $47 million from the Emergency Management budget, is expecting a reduction of more than 3,500 volunteers and is now splitting the CFA.


Shadow Minister for Emergency Services Brad Battin said Daniel Andrews is selling out volunteers on behalf of his union mates.


“This is further evidence Daniel Andrews is more determined to destroy the CFA, protect his union mates and put Victorian families at risk.” Mr Battin said.


“The Liberal-National Coalition will always protect those volunteers who stand side-by-side their career colleagues, risking their lives at the same fires.”


After two years of sustained ideological attacks by Daniel Andrews and his Union mates on the CFA, volunteer numbers have plummeted.


Ripon MP Louise Staley said splitting the CFA will only result in further reductions of volunteer firefighters.


“Ripon has over 90 CFA stations, and each of them shares a proud history of volunteers protecting the community, Daniel Andrews’ push to split the CFA will mean our community loses these volunteers.” Ms Staley said.

“If Daniel Andrews spent less time trying to score political points and pandering to his union mates firefighters wouldn’t be leaving the CFA and Victorians would be better protected.”

“Our local brigades have served our community with the utmost professionalism, yet Daniel Andrews thinks they aren’t doing a good enough job, I disagree and stand by our local firefighters.”