Lowering speed limit will not fix broken roads

Ripon MP Louise Staley has slammed the Andrews Labor Government for failing to fund rural roads and instead proposing the lowering of speed limits.

Instead of funding the repair of local roads in Ripon the Andrews Labor Government has announced it will spend money putting up lower speed limit signs.

The move followed the Labor Government slashing regional road funding when it axed the former State Government’s highly successful Country Roads and Bridges Program.

Ms. Staley said until the State Government faced up to the reality of the poorly maintained broken roads, then local lives would continue to be at risk.

“Creating lower speed limits will not country fix roads and bridges in in need of repair, Daniel Andrews needs to restore this vital funding and finally fix country roads.” Ms. Staley said.

“If a road is deemed broken and unsafe, then it needs to be urgently fixed, having cars continuing to drive on unsafe roads will put local lives at risk.”

“Country Victorians need roads that are safe and reliable, creating lower speed limits will choke country roads further; increasing travel times and slowing down productivity.”

“Local roads are too important to country Victorians to allow them to deteriorate; we need a State Government that is prepared to do the hard work and fix this problem.”

“This is another Daniel Andrews con job, instead of forking out the required funds to fix our neglected roads he wants to slow down speed limits, drivers will still be exposed to unsafe conditions and our roads will remain broken.”

“Slowing down speed limits on roads that need to be fixed is further proof that Daniel Andrews and Labor just don’t get country Victoria.”