Maryborough Hospital not a funding priority for Labor

It has been almost two years since Labor Premier Daniel Andrews made an election promise that he would provide $100 million to rebuild Maryborough Hospital in this term of government.

Almost two years since Premier Daniel Andrews claimed his government cared about regional Victoria, that they understood the priorities of rural and regional health and that they were delivering for regional Victorians.

Almost two years and what do we see? Nothing. In the middle of the biggest health crisis our State has seen for a century, there is no money for Maryborough Hospital.

Ripon MP Louise Staley has repeatedly called on the Premier and Minister for Health, Hon. Jenny Mikakos MP to explain why the much-needed Maryborough Hospital redevelopment hasn’t been funded and hasn’t commenced.

On 27th May last year, Minister Mikakos claimed that the $100 million redevelopment of Maryborough Hospital is on track.

In February this year, Ms Staley raised funding for Maryborough Hospital again in the Parliament. Ms Staley asked the Minister for Health to ensure that the full $100 million promised by Labor for a new Maryborough hospital will be allocated in the upcoming Budget.

In Parliament, Ms Staley said, “in last year’s budget the hospital was not funded, and so it must be funded in this year’s budget in full if the government is to fulfil its promise to deliver the $100 million hospital to the people of Maryborough in this term of government.”

“Last week I finally received a response from the Minister, a response that simply said that planning had been done, but did not commit to constructing the hospital,” Ms Staley said.

“Yet again the Minister is refusing to promise that the hospital will be funded. Hospitals are not built overnight, and unless construction money is made available, this project will not be finished by the next election and the Premier’s promise will be broken,” Ms Staley said.