Maryborough Police needs access to drug testing kits

Ripon MP Louise Staley says it is imperative that Maryborough Police has access to drug testing kits, following recent reports that local police must rely on receiving them kits from Ballarat or Bendigo.

In the Maryborough Magistrates Court on Thursday the 14th of April, it was revealed that local police are unable to test drivers for drugs because they do not have access to drug testing kits locally and must resort to sourcing them from Bendigo or Ballarat.

The lack of local drug testing kits was publicly condemned by Magistrate Jennifer Tregent on Thursday who called for Maryborough Police to be fully equipped.

Member for Ripon Louise Staley has backed these calls, demanding that the Andrews Government immediately equips Maryborough Police with Drug Testing Kits.

“Maryborough Police should have the capability to test any drivers they suspect to be under the influence of drugs.” Ms. Staley said.

“It is completely farcical that local police have to rely on sourcing kits from Bendigo or Ballarat, Maryborough drivers need to be protected from drivers impaired by drugs.”

“Local Police have physically caught drivers with drugs in their possession, yet they don’t have access to kit’s to test them for driving under the influence of drugs; this has led to lesser charges for some criminals.”

“Drug affected drivers put local lives at risk, the police in Maryborough need to be fully equipped to combat this.”

“We need to Daniel Andrews to get tougher on crime; he needs to fully resource police in country Victoria.”