Maryborough trains still running late

Passengers on the Maryborough lines are on slow, unreliable trains under the Andrews Government and it’s only getting worse.

VLine figures show the Maryborough lines have continued their poor performance with just 78.1 per cent of services running on time last month, falling far short of the target of 92 per cent. The line has failed to meet punctuality targets every month since October 2016.

Member for Ripon, Louise Staley said unreliable and late train services were making it harder for people in Maryborough and surrounding towns to get to medical appointments and see family and friends.

“A large number of residents who use VLine trains in these communities are people travelling to Melbourne for much needed medical appointments, services that are not available to them locally, they often have to wait months for these appointments only to miss them because the Premier for Melbourne has no idea how to run regional rail on time, Ms Staley said.

“Local passengers are on slow, unreliable trains under the Andrews Government and it’s only getting worse.”

Across all regional lines, just 84.4 per cent of services ran on time in March. VLine figures also show that over the past five years, just 86.2 per cent of services made it to their destination on time, leaving commuters on nearly 57,000 services running late.

VLine also failed to meet the 96 per cent reliability target in March, with 95.2 per cent of services delivered. 

Shadow Minister for Regional Public Transport Steph Ryan said while the Andrews Government poured billions into Melbourne metro projects, it refused to commit to desperately-needed regional rail upgrades.

“The Andrews Government has abandoned regional passengers leaving us with unreliable, slow and uncomfortable trains,” Ms Ryan said.

“Better rail connections between regional communities would transform regional Victoria making it possible to live in one town and work in another but that won’t happen while Labor treats us as second class citizens.”