More jobs down the drain in North West Victorian under Daniel Andrews

Ripon MP Louise Staley says the latest job losses in the North West Victoria Region is proof that the Andrews Government has given up on fixing the region’s unemployment crisis.


The latest ABS data reveals that the North West Victoria Region (including Ararat, Stawell, St Arnaud, Charlton and Donald) with 5,984 people now looking for work, an increase of 1,732 since the election of the Andrews Government in 2014. (Source 6202.0 - Labour Force, Australia, Mar 2017)




Also since December 2014, unemployment has gone up by 2.9 percent, and the labour force across North West Victoria has shrunk by 7,762 people.


Member for Ripon Louise Staley said Daniel Andrews policies have led to the unemployment line significantly growing in North West Victoria.


“Under the Andrews Government, more and more people in the North-West region are struggling to find a job.” Ms Staley said.


“Daniel Andrews obsession with Melbourne continues to cost us dearly we need a Premier that cares about regional Victoria.”


“The Treasurer yesterday issued a media statement gloating about how good we have it in Victoria; it is unacceptable for the treasurer to behave so arrogantly whilst North West Victoria suffers job loss after job loss.”


“Under Daniel Andrews, the cost of living is continually getting bigger while the number of jobs available gets smaller.”


“The Liberals under Matthew Guy have a plan to grow the North-West region, support local industry, grow the population and nurture local jobs.”