More support needed for local farmers and meat industry

Ripon MP Louise Staley has vowed to continue her support for pig farmers and the local meat industry in light of the recent outrageous report by the World Health Organisation, which tried to class bacon and other processed meats as a group one carcinogenic.

Ms Staley was today joined by Leader of the Nationals Peter Walsh as they inspected the progress of the establishment of the new Pyrenees Pork piggery in Frenchmans.

Ms Staley said the meat industry was a huge economic driver for our region delivering local jobs and trade and would continue to receive her strong support.

 “Bacon, ham and sausages are a beloved staple of the Australian diet, some of the very best are farmed and prepared in this region, anybody who claims that they are as dangerous as tobacco and alcohol is simply telling porkies”. Ms Staley Said.

 “Locally farmed bacon, ham and other processed meats will be sitting proudly on the plates of many Australians on Christmas Day next week”.

 “Local farmers have it tough the drought and the economic climate means it’s very hard for new farmers to enter the industry, local farmers such as Pyrenees Pork deserve our support so that they can continue to send high-quality produce to market and boost our local economy”.

 Nationals leader Peter Walsh praised Ms Staley’s campaign to support local farmers and the meat industry.

 “As a farmer herself, Louise knows firsthand the issues that come with a career on the land”. Mr Walsh said.

 “Louise has a strong record of supporting local agriculture projects and has developed great relationships with the meat industry; she knows all too well how utterly important both are to Ripon economy”.