Murray Basin Rail out of money and on hold

Under Daniel Andrews and Labor, the Murray Basin Rail Project is in disarray.

During a Budget Estimates hearing in Melbourne on Wednesday, Transport Infrastructure Minister Jacinta Allan belatedly admitted the project she has botched is now out of money and cannot be completed without additional funding

The transformational Murray Basin Rail Project was initially funded by the Liberal State and Federal Governments with State Labor taking over the project on their election and Jacinta Allan boasting their revised business case “stacks up.”Yet there have been persistent problems with the project management as the Minister haplessly botched the project to such a degree it has now run out of money.

Under Labor there has been a $100 million blow out on the Mildura line stage; the Maryborough-Ararat works have been hampered by the use of second-hand rail line, broken welds and slow speeds; and now Stage 3 is indefinitely on hold because the Andrews Government claims it has run out of money.

Member for Ripon, Louise Staley said that news that the project was out of money and on hold was a bitter blow for Ripon farmers.

“Local farmers, who were set to benefit from the completion of this projects, now have no idea how long they will have to wait for this vital rail project that Labor has promised to deliver.”

“Meanwhile in Melbourne the Andrews Government is pouring billions of dollars into metropolitan transport projects that have had major cost blow outs. These projects aren’t being put on hold.”

“Clearly under Daniel Andrews and Labor, Melbourne always comes first.”