Ombudsman Clear to Investigate Daniel Andrews Rorting

Member for Ripon, Louise Staley has welcomed the decision by the High Court to throw out Daniel Andrews latest attempt to prevent an investigation into the misuse of taxpayer-funded staff to help Labor’s election campaign in 2014.

The Ombudsman is now free to look into the claims Labor MPs signed time sheets of staff to campaign for the Labor Party whom they had never met. Such a practice is not allowed by the rules of the Parliament of Victoria.


Ripon MP Louise Staley said the truth of this ugly matter could finally be revealed.


“This is the 4th time that Daniel Andrews has tried to block this investigation; thankfully justice can now take its course.” Ms Staley said.


“Labor’s abuse of taxpayer money and misuse of the electoral staff was a key foundation for the culture of rorting that exists in the Andrews Government today.”


“The people of Ripon expect their political representatives to be fair, transparent and accountable; Daniel Andrews attempts to avoid an investigation shows how desperate he is to avoid scrutiny.”

Shadow parliamentary Attorney General John Pesutto said that if the Andrews Government has nothing to fear, it should have nothing to hide.

“Daniel Andrews’ stubborn refusal to accept the need for the Ombudsman to investigate rorting by Labor is no different it seems to Don Nardella’s stubborn refusal to accept responsibility for his rorting of entitlements.” Mr Pesutto said.

(Image courtesy of Fairfax)