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Victorian job seekers lose hope as employment numbers fall again

15 October 2020

Today’s employment figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) show that Victorians who have lost their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic are beginning to lose hope. The numbers show that in September, there were 36,000 fewer Victorians in work than in August. Since the pandemic began in March,...

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Labor refuses to rule out tax increases in state budget

14 October 2020

Labor refuses to rule out tax increases in state budget Despite the economic devastation that Daniel Andrews and his incompetent government have already inflicted upon Victoria’s economy, he now wants to slug Victorians with higher taxes. In Question Time in Parliament today Labor’s Treasurer, Tim Pallas, when asked directly to...

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Time for Victoria to take the manufacturing lead

01 October 2020

Today's welcome announcement by Prime Minister Scott Morrison that the Federal Government will create a $1.3 billion "Modern Manufacturing Initiative" must be supercharged with a $1 billion Victorian "Bringing Manufacturing Home" fund.  Back in May, the Victorian Liberal Nationals called for the creation of a $1 billion “Bringing Manufacturing Home"...

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Labor’s incompetence causes Victoria’s unemployment to skyrocket while the rest of Australia recovers

17 September 2020

Victorians are suffering the cruel effects of Daniel Andrews’ second wave of coronavirus with today’s ABS Labour Force figures showing that Victoria lost 42,400 jobs in August. Half of these job losses have been are Victorians under the age of 25, young people who are at risk of long term unemployment due...

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Vacant Land Tax suspended after call from Liberal Nationals

10 September 2020

The Andrews Labor Government has succumbed to pressure from the Liberal Nationals and announced it is suspending the Vacant Residential Land Tax for 2020. Last month the Liberal Nationals called for this tax grab to be halted for 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The tax, imposed on properties in...

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Victorians keep losing jobs while the rest of the country recovers

08 September 2020

Figures released by the ABS today show that Victorians are continuing to lose jobs, while at the same time, the rest of Australia has started to recover from the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Payroll jobs data for the month up to 22 August shows that in Victoria...

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Dan fails country Victoria’s economic recovery

06 September 2020

Today’s announcement by Daniel Andrews says the trigger to move to the “Last Step” restrictions is no new COVID cases for 14 days across the whole of Victoria (including Metropolitan Melbourne). 31 country local government areas have not had a new case for at least two weeks, and three local...

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Daniel Andrews wreaks permanent damage on the Victorian economy

06 September 2020

Today’s announcement by Daniel Andrews of his “roadmap to recovery” is instead a chart to collapse. Instead of ways to get Victorians back to work, the Premier has outlined no real changes to the near-total shutdown of the economy until at least late October. Major business groups have slammed the...

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Liberal Nationals call on Andrews Government to suspend vacant land tax

26 August 2020

The Liberal Nationals are calling on the Andrews Labor Government to suspend the Vacant Residential Land Tax for 2020. The tax, imposed on properties in inner and middle Melbourne that are vacant for six months in any calendar year, was introduced by the Andrews Labor Government in 2017. This affects...

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More job pain for Victoria as second wave hits

25 August 2020

Payroll jobs data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) today has painted a grim picture for Victorian businesses following the hit to the economy caused by Labor’s bungled hotel quarantine program.   The number of payroll jobs in Victoria has fallen 7.8 per cent since the pandemic began...

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