Premiers Stawell trip just a talkfest

Premier’s trip a talkfest

Daniel Andrews failed to provide any new answers to fix the growing jobs crisis during talkfests in Ararat and Stawell on Friday.


Official figures show that jobs in North West Victoria (including Ararat, Stawell, St Arnaud, Charlton and Donald) are in decline.

Since October 2016 the unemployment rate has jumped by 1.4 per cent to 5.2 per cent, while the number of unemployed people in the region has increased from 2,835 to 3,614.

Australian Bureau of Statistic data for January 2017 reveals the number of people in full-time jobs in North West Victoria has fallen from 51,378 in December 2014 (when Daniel Andrews and Labor took office) to 45,795.

Part-time jobs are also in decline dropping from 25,732 in December to 20,471 in January 2017.

Ripon MP Louise Staley said it was clear that Daniel Andrew still did not have any answers for the growing Jobs problem in Ararat and Stawell.

“Jobs are flying out the door fast under Daniel Andrews watch; our communities are suffering whilst he fails to take any action.” Ms Staley said.

“There are fewer jobs in Stawell and Ararat under Daniel Andrews; instead of answers to this growing problem we get time wasting talkfests and consultations.”

“Daniel Andrews lacked the conviction to make a tough decision on the future of Big Hill, when his government procrastinated on the issue; 150 local workers ended up losing their jobs.”

“The Andrews Labor Government always puts Melbourne first and regional communities like Stawell and Ararat second.”

Shadow Treasurer Michael O’Brien said that after two years in office, Daniel Andrews is only now getting around to thinking about jobs in North West Victoria

“Local jobs have gone backwards under Daniel Andrews.” Mr O’Brien said.

“If Daniel Andrews was serious about fixing this jobs crisis, he would come to Ararat and Stawell with a plan for jobs, not just for a cup of tea and a photo opportunity.”