Regional Victoria falls further behind Melbourne as GDP Growth plummets under Daniel Andrews

Member for Ripon Louise Staley says a new report shows that Daniel Andrews Melbourne centric policies are dividing the State of Victoria.

The latest figures released by SGS Economics and Planning have shown that GDP in regional Victoria shrunk for the past two years, the only regional economy in Australia to go backwards.

Regional Victoria’s GDP per capita production dropped by 1 percent, in stark contrast to  Melbourne which continued to grow at a rapid pace, shooting up by 4.4 Percent.

Ripon MP, Louise Staley MP said Regional Victoria was being left behind.

“Daniel Andrews obsession with Melbourne is now causing stark economic pain for regional Victoria,” Ms Staley said.

“Regional Victoria continues to bleed jobs, our production has dropped right off, in the meantime Melbourne gets all of the attention from the Andrews Government and continues to grow at a fast rate.”

“Victoria’s two speed economy is not sustainable; We need to attract more people out of Melbourne and into the country”.

“The Liberals have a sound plan that will rebalance our state’s population, leading to more sustained jobs growth in regional Victoria, and less pressure and congestion on our state’s capital.”

“We need a Government armed with a strong plan that is committed to reversing this economic abuse in regional Victoria”.

“Combined with recent job losses and rising crime rates, life seems to be getting harder and harder in Regional Victoria under Daniel Andrews.”