Ripon manufacturing ripe for the picking

Member for Louise Staley today met with a number of local businesses across the electorate to gauge the current health of Ripon’s export industry.

Ms Staley was today joined by Shadow Minister for Trade, Investment and Jobs Craig Ondarchie as they travelled across the electorate meeting with some of the electorate’s exporters.

This included a visit to Redbank Winery, the Pyrenees Hay Processors Co-Operative and Montara Wines all business which has benefited from a number of initiatives put in place by the previous Liberal-Nationals Government.

Shadow Minister for Trade, Investment and Jobs Craig Ondarchie said exporters based in Ripon could feel safe and secure with a hard working MP like Louise Staley going in to bat for them.

“Louise is a fierce advocate of local exporters, she is has strong grasp of the local economic climate and will relentlessly push the case time and time again for her local businesses”. Mr Ondarchie said.

Ms Staley said Ripon was home to some of the most innovative exporters in the Australia and it was important to ensure they are given support to grow.

“Pyrenees Hay Co-Op, Montara Wines and the Redbank Winery are prime examples of what local businesses can achieve when they are given proper support from the Government, I will endeavour to ensure that local exporters are given the support they need to achieve strong results” Ms Staley said.

“When local businesses are in good shape, everybody wins; it means more jobs and more money flowing through to the community”.

“Local exporters like the Pyrenees Hay Co-Op, Montara Wines and Redbank Winery depend on good roads and bridges to get their produce to the docks, Daniel Andrews harmed local businesses when his city-centric Government cut funding to the Country Bridges and Roads program”.

“Local businesses will be facing increased export costs when the Andrews Government sells the Port of Melbourne, our local businesses need a State Government that will protect them from these exorbitant fee hikes”.

“Only the Liberal Nationals Coalition truly understands how important manufacturing and trade is in country Victoria” said Ms Staley.