Ripon ripped off by Labor

Ripon MP Louise Staley has slammed the Andrews Government after delivering a budget that heavily increased taxes and failed to deliver essential overdue investments in local projects across the Ripon Electorate.

The Andrews Government today released their controversial budget which aggressively hiked up State Taxes, focused big spending in Metropolitan areas while at the same time failing to invest in essential infrastructure across the Ripon electorate.

Today’s State Budget saw no new funding for deteriorating local roads and bridges, no new badly needed upgrades to local hospitals, no new police stations and minimal increase to public transport services.

Insurance Tax is up by 6.3 percent land taxes are soaring by 28.3 percent with stamp duty also increasing.

Ms. Staley said this budget was an absolute disgrace, which would see household bills shoot sky high with very little benefits to local residents.

“Local families are going to take a massive hit to their wallets to help fund major promises that are being spent in Melbourne.”

“This is a very poor budget for Ripon, our local roads and bridges continue to crumble, yet Daniel Andrews continues to jack up taxes and looks after the big cities.”

“Ripon residents are being ripped off by Labors higher taxes, which Daniel Andrews refuses to invest in local roads, police or hospitals.”

“Local families deserve access to modern 21st-century infrastructure; Daniel Andrews has shown time and time again that he is not capable of delivering them.”