Sacking of CFA board ultimate betrayal to country Victoria

Ripon MP, Louise Staley has condemned Premier Daniel Andrews sacking of the CFA Board as the ultimate betrayal to country Victorians.

In order to continue Labor’s attempt to snatch control of the CFA on behalf of the United Firefighters Union, Daniel Andrews sacked the CFA Board, which had previously very publicly opposed the proposed EBA agreement.

Ms. Staley, who again rallied with local CFA Volunteers at a huge rally in State Parliament, said the Daniel Andrews sacking the CFA board was akin to a toddler throwing a tantrum after not getting his way.

“The CFA board has been gallantly fighting against this unfair deal, the board was the only thing standing between Daniel Andrews and 60,000 CFA volunteers; there is now nothing to stop this union-backed hostile takeover,” Ms Staley said.

“Sacking the CFA board is an unforgivable betrayal to country Victorians.”

“The CFA Board have now been taken out of the picture because they had the courage to stand up to a Labor Government that is controlled by militant unions.” “Under the proposed changes the union will get veto power over CFA management decisions through a so-called ‘consultative committee.’ This model has been a disaster for metropolitan brigades and now it is being forced on the CFA and must be rejected” Ms. Staley said.

“This is a bad deal for Country Victoria.”