Solar and Energy Smart Upgrades for Ballarat High School

A future Liberal Nationals Government will create Australia’s most energy efficient schools by embracing the latest renewable energy technology.

Ballarat High School will received $50,000 to install a solar PV system and deliver energy efficient lighting solutions to tackle their soaring power bills.

Ballarat High School is the leading government secondary school in Ballarat. It has a proud tradition of excellence, and has been committed to improving facilities for students for many years.

Unfortunately, it has been hit hard by rising energy costs, but its large campus provides the ideal opportunity for the installation of solar panels and energy efficiency upgrades.

Schools such as Ballarat High are ideal candidates for solar PV, as they consume most of their power during the day, which coincides with the peak generation from a solar installation.

Principal Gary Palmer backs the commitment, stating, "we think this is a great initiative because reducing our energy footprint will allow us to divert that money to students and their classroom practices."

A Guy Government will get renewables right and help Ballarat High School to generate their own energy – meaning less money wasted on power bills and more being spent on our kids’ education.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Renewables, David Southwick MP:

“Under Daniel Andrews, Victorians are paying more than ever for power electricity bills are affecting everyone in Victoria, including Ballarat High School.”

“This announcement not only helps out with the bills that the Labor Government have lumped them with, but it gives an opportunity for the school to teach its students about renewables.”

Comments attributable to Louise Staley MP, Member for Ripon:

“Ballarat High School is the school of choice for many local families in Ripon and this grant will enable the school to free up funds for teaching and learning.”

Comments attributable to Amy Johnson, Liberal Candidate for Wendouree:

“Power bills are going through the roof due to Labor’s ideological energy policies. The Liberals are committed to practical solutions to this.”

“Schools like Ballarat High shouldn’t be out of pocket because Labor wants to increase power bills and appease Greens voters in inner-city Melbourne.”