Staley calls for more train and bus services in Ripon

Ripon MP Louise Staley has called for an urgent increase to train and bus across the Ripon electorate.

Ms Staley today hosted Shadow Transport Minister David Hodgett, as they visited bus and train stations across the electorate of Ripon, including Ararat Train Station, Beaufort Station, Maryborough Station and Clunes Station.

Ms Staley said the community constantly raises the need for more services and could no longer be ignored.

“Daniel Andrews needs to stop ignoring public transport in country Victoria, we need more services to give our residents the ability to get to where they need to go” Ms Staley said.

“Growth is stalling as our residents continue to be stranded by a lack of public transport”.

“How can we expect to attract new residents, when commuting has become such a stressful and time consuming and unreliable experience”.

“The current timetable is not doing the job, people are not being allowed access to the visit the city, or neighbouring towns, we desperately need more train and bus services”.

“The State Government needs to take country Victoria more seriously”.

Shadow Transport Minister David Hodgett said the public transport system had deteriorated under the Andrews Government.

“Delays have increased, new timetables have failed, reliability is down and demand for new services is not being met’. Mr Hodgett said.

“Thousands of people across the state have been complaining about the decay of our public transport system. The people of Ripon can feel satisfied that their MP Louise Staley has been one of the loudest and strongest voices fighting for more services in her electorate”.