Staley says new data shows the State Government is ignoring Ballarat’s homeless problem

The latest social housing waiting list data released by the Andrews Labor Government reveals that the Government would need to build 74% more social housing properties to house those people on the current waiting list.

Member for Ripon Louise Staley said there are currently 2503 social housing properties in Ballarat, yet there are 1845 applications assessed as needing social housing. Each of these applications represents an entire household, meaning the actual number of people is far higher than 1845.

Under the Andrews Labor Government, the total number of applications on the social housing waiting list in Ballarat has blown out by 117%, from 850 in September 2014 to 1845 in June 2019.

Of even more significant concern is the number of applications on the priority waiting list, which has blown out by 362%, from 227 applications in September 2014 to a massive 1049 applications in June 2019.

The priority-access list includes some of the most vulnerable in our community; these are people suffering domestic violence, the homeless, disabled and those with special housing needs.

These people have been assessed as having priority status, yet the wait for appropriate housing is longer than ever before.

The data for Ballarat is far worse than the state average, which has seen the total social housing waiting list in Victoria increased by nearly 24% and the priority list blow out by a massive 127%, reinforcing the view that the Andrews Labor Government has ignored the problem of homelessness and the need for more social housing.

“The latest social housing data sheets home the need for urgent action by the State Government to address homelessness and the lack of social housing in the Ballarat area,” Ms Staley said.

“The Wendouree electorate remains the number three regional area for homeless persons in Victoria, with 293 local people currently without a roof over their head.”  

Ms Staley said together with the enormous social housing waiting list; it is obvious more support for our homeless and those seeking housing in Ballarat is badly needed.

 “Immediate action is required to help these our most vulnerable people, and I call on Daniel Andrews to address the problem as a matter of urgency.”