Staley welcomes country MP's Audit results being revealed

Member for Ripon Louise Staley has been given the all-clear following an audit of country MPs allowances.


All country MP’s that utilise the second residence allowance provided extensive evidence to the audit following the Labor rorting scandal that has tarnished the careers of former Speaker Telmo Languillier and former Deputy Speaker Don Nardella. Both men moved out of their Melbourne based electorates to falsely claim the second residence allowance designed for country MP’s.

Ms Staley, a resident of Ararat, said she was proud to live in the electorate she represented. “I want to reassure all Ripon constituents that I am proud to live in Ripon it is a beautiful part of the country and made up of some fantastic close-knit communities”.  Ms Staley said.

“When you live in your seat, you experience the same trials and problems that local constituents go through, this is the only way to properly represent local views and fight for their values.”

Following the completion of the probe; auditors have given the Ripon MP the all clear after finding she has provided information to prove her address in Ararat.

Ms Staley said it was important to have an open and accountable process. “This entire affair has eroded a lot of trust in politicians; I want everybody to know that I continue to put the community first and I support Matthew Guy’s plan for an independent authority to oversee expenses and improved reporting.”