State Government being disrespectful of Remembrance Day

Member for Ripon Louise Staley has blasted the Andrews Government for not giving regional MP’s enough time to attend local Remembrance Day services and then travel back to Melbourne for the start of Parliament.

Ms Staley said the State Government needed to be more respectful of Remembrance Day services in regional areas.

“Today I was unable to attend the start of Parliament because the Andrews Labor Government did not provide enough time for MPs to take part in local Remembrance Day services and get back to Melbourne.” Ms Staley said.

“The government delayed the start of Parliament until 2pm instead of 9.30am. That allowed city-based MPs to attend their local services, but it was not enough time for me to travel back from Maryborough.

“I should not be put in a position where I have to choose between spending Remembrance Day with my local community and attending Parliament on time while city MPs do not have to face that choice.

“I believe it is disrespectful for the government to hold Parliament on Remembrance Day at all.

“I urge the Andrews Labor Government to reconsider this decision in the future and not schedule Parliament on this important day, so every MP can spend it with their community – not just those based in the city.”