State Government must leave local schools alone

Member for Ripon Louise Staley has called on the State Government to abandon plans to move Donald Primary School, Birchip P-12 School and Donald Secondary College out of their current education region.

Education Minister James Merlino is planning to rip local schools in Donald and Birchip out of their current and more convenient South Western Victorian Region and into the North Western Victorian Region.

The three local schools are upset about this decision claiming they were not consulted, and it will make things a lot harder for them.

Member for Ripon Louise Staley said the State Government should not be trying to make life harder for regional schools.

“It is much easier for these schools to get educational support from Horsham which located only 50 minutes away compared to Bendigo which is about 2 hours away,” Ms Staley said.

Ms Staley noted, “Once again the State Government is trying to enforce Melbourne values on the rest of the state, this simply won’t work in Country Victoria”.

“These schools currently provide great educations for children in the Wimmera. The Schools don’t want this and neither do local families, so why is the State Government trying so hard to force this upon them” said Ms Staley.

“All three schools have many staff who hold leadership positions in the region. Moving these schools will also disadvantage the entire Wimmera region, an area currently experiencing substantial hardship”.

Shadow Education Minister Nick Wakeling backed Ms Staley, saying “this is another prime example of the State Government not understanding the needs of country Victoria.”

“These schools already receive a lot of good educational support from their current region; they should not be forced to change this against their will”.