Stawell Residents call for Andrews Government to fix tyre mess

Just under 1000 Stawell Residents have called on the Andrews Government to stop holding up action at the Stawell Tyre Dump.


Ripon MP Louise Staley this week submitted a petition to State Parliament demanding the State Government urgently completes all outstanding paperwork, permits and approvals currently being held up by the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change so that the tyres can be removed as soon as possible.


The petition was signed by 998 local residents who were by concerned about the fire risk and environmental concerns stemming from the Stawell tyre pile.

In excess of Nine million used tyres lay dormant in Stawell, as the Used Tyre Recycling Corporation plans to process the tyres into carbon black by shredding continue to be held up By the Andrews Government.


Member for Ripon Louise Staley said the sheer number of signatures was a clear message from the Stawell community that it wants this situation urgently fixed.


“The community of Stawell has had enough, the Andrews Government needs to actively assist in getting this vital project back on track.” Ms Staley said


“If the tyre dump caught fire it would be burning for weeks blanketing Stawell in toxic fumes, this why every fire season extra CFA resources are assigned to prevent it from igniting.”


“Getting this project going will not only remove an environmental hazard, it will create jobs in Stawell” said Ms Staley.


“It’s high time Daniel Andrews and the Environment Minister stopped procrastinating and got with the job of getting this project back on track.”


“Stawell residents have waited long enough; this project cannot be delayed any further”.