Strikes leave Ripon rail users waiting again

V/Line commuters in the Ararat, Ballarat and Maryborough lines have been left waiting for the bus due to industrial action today, says Member for Ripon Louise Staley.

All trains on Thursday on the Ararat, Ballarat and Maryborough line were cancelled and replaced by buses in the second day of a ten-day industrial campaign by the RTBU.

“Once again, passengers in Ripon have borne the brunt of Labor’s mismanagement of Victoria’s regional passenger rail,” Ms Staley said.

“Daniel Andrews and Labor have arrogantly ignored regional rail commuters for too long. This is yet another example of their attitude towards those Victorians who don’t live on the tram tracks.”

V/Line performance has been suffering under Labor. The Maryborough line has endured 35 consecutive months of sub-standard performance, and the Ballarat Rail Upgrade project has resulted in 117 slower services on the Ararat, Ballarat and Maryborough lines.

Also, customer satisfaction with V/Line is at a 10-year low, and V/Line’s annual budget showed that Labor had cut $149 million from the rail operator.

“Labor invested just 4% of the total capital funding for public transport from this year’s budget in regional Victoria. This is not good enough.

“People in Ripon need reliable and safe public transport to go about their daily lives, but Labor does not care about this. It is high time Daniel Andrews and Labor listened to regional Victorians and ensures this vital service operates as it is needed.”