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Rail Timetables

The latest Andrews Labor Government railway timetable for the Ballarat, Ararat and Maryborough lines includes 117 journeys per week that are LONGER than the old timetable. This is despite $500 million being spent on the line. It turns out none of that money was to help regional or country travellers. Instead, it was to open a new Cobblebank Station that slows down journey times even more. Typical behaviour from a city-centric government.

Now, the Andrews Government is planning to make you change trains at Sunshine with its second-rate Airport Rail project. To have a hope of fast trains in the future, we need tunnel built now - not vague promises of after electrification.

SIGN THE PETITION for better rail services to Western Victoria!

protect farms

Victorian livestock farmers need protection from radical activists

In recent weeks we have seen farm businesses driven to closure from animal activists' harassment, major cities brought to gridlock from long protests at peak hour designed to cause chaos, and the publication of individual farm addresses to encourage activists to trespass, harass and even steal from.

Farmers need protection from these illegal acts. The vast majority of Australians who eat meat and support Victorian farmers producing the best animal products including meat, dairy, eggs, and poultry want their voices heard and these extremist protesters prosecuted.