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New South Wales economy surges while Victoria slumps

March 05, 2020
Contact: Louise Staley

The latest National Accounts figures show Victoria’s economy shrinking by 0.1 per cent in the December quarter while the same figures demonstrates the New South Wales economy grew by 0.5 per cent.


These new figures come on the back of the most recent unemployment data showing Victoria’s unemployment rate at 5.4 per cent is above the national average of 5.3 per cent and well above that of NSW rate of 4.5 per cent.


This means Victoria is now staring down the barrel of a recession while Victorians pay the highest taxes in Australia and the state’s debt is doubling.


Last month Treasurer Tim Pallas admitted he is looking to cut $4 billion from state expenditure, when the National Accounts show this is not the time to add even more pressure to the state’s ailing economy.


The Andrews Labor Government has been unable to rule out cuts to health, education and the environment.


Comments attributable to Shadow Treasurer, Louise Staley:


“Daniel Andrews’ poor and reckless financial management is starting to hurt all Victorians with his list of new and increased taxes continuing to grow.


“It’s not good enough for Treasurer Tim Pallas to downplay the seriousness of economic decline in Victoria when we are seeing more people unemployed, greater uncertainty and a steadily increasing cost of living.”


Media Contact:        Simon Watson         0484 000 051

Everything the Andrews Labor Government sets up gets stuffed up

March 04, 2020
Contact: Louise Staley

Daniel Andrews loves nothing better than a fee gouge on Victorians.


Victorians should brace for more taxes and more tolls because Andrews has already blown the budget on the North East Link.


This was a project Labor initially costed at $5 billion when it's now up to around $16 billion. So the question is, how much will the tolls cost? How high will the gouge be?


Whether he’s increasing CityLink tolls to pay for a West Gate Tunnel which isn't even open or increasing taxes and charges right across the books, Andrews is running out of money.


He has buggered the budget and he is looking to gouge Victorians of every cent to try and fill his budget black hole.


Comments attributable to Shadow Treasurer, Louise Staley:


“The Andrews Labor Government has a track record of all talk and no delivery. Everything it does ends up costing too much and is late.


“Labor said the North East Link would cost $5 billion and now it's blown out to $16 billion. Daniel Andrews can’t be trusted to deliver projects and he certainly can’t be trusted with Victorians’ money.”


Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Transport Infrastructure, David Davis:


“Labor botched Myki, wasting hundreds of millions of Victorian taxpayers’ money.  Why would Victorians trust Labor to set up another new toll company without stuffing it up?


“Daniel Andrews can’t manage money, he can’t manage major projects and you need to look no further than his bungled Metro and West Gate Tunnel projects.”


Media Contact:        Simon Watson         0484 000 051  

Tim “The Taxer” Pallas needs to come clean to Victorians

March 03, 2020
Contact: Louise Staley

In Question Time today, Treasurer Tim Pallas refused to rule out increasing any tax in this year’s upcoming State Budget.


During the week of the 2018 election when launching Labor’s financial plan for the next four years, Tim Pallas promised:

“It contains no new taxes, whatsoever. No tax increases, no extra charges, it's all there in black and white.”

Under the Andrews Labor Government, Victoria already has 27 new or increased taxes and is the highest taxed state in Australia, and it’s only going to get worse for Victorian families who are already doing it tough.


Tim Pallas needs to stop contradicting himself and come clean to Victorian taxpayers about the real cost of Labor.


Comments attributable to Shadow Treasurer, Louise Staley:


“Under Labor, Victorians face the highest taxes, the highest debt and the highest power bills in the country.


“Andrews and Tim Pallas have buggered the budget and we know when Labor runs out of money it comes after yours.”


Media Contact:        Simon Watson         0484 000 051  

$4 billion in cuts – the true cost of Labor

February 20, 2020
Contact: Louise Staley

Labor is refusing to rule out taking a $4 billion scalpel to health, education and the environment as it grapples with a failing budget.


Last week the Treasurer Tim Pallas said he was "looking at every line item of expenditure and I’m looking to take something like $4 billion out of government expenditure.”


When asked in Question Time today Daniel Andrews refused to rule out cuts to any area of government spending including to schools, hospitals and the environment.


It’s time Daniel Andrews comes clean on exactly where his $4 billion of vicious funding cuts will be inflicted.


Comments attributable to Shadow Treasurer, Louise Staley:


“Daniel Andrews needs to be honest with Victorians about where his $4 billion of vicious funding cuts will be inflicted.


“This is the cost of Labor; cuts to schools, hospitals and environment all because Daniel Andrews has maxed out the State’s credit card and can’t manage money.”


Media Contact:        Simon Watson         0484 000 051

While Andrews was away… Pallas let the cat out of the bag

February 20, 2020
Contact: Louise Staley

In Question Time today, Premier Andrews was questioned over his Treasurer’s announcement last week, made while the Premier was on holidays, that his Labor Government will be imposing $4 billion of cuts on Victorians.


Despite direct questioning about how many Victorian workers will lose their jobs as a result of Labor’s $4 billion cuts, Andrews refused to come clean.


After five years of Labor’s poor and reckless financial management, Victoria is the highest taxed state in the country – a fact confirmed by RMIT ABC Fact Check.


When asked if he would rule out any tax increases on Victorian families and small businesses to fix Labor’s budget black hole, Andrews failed to do so which shows the real cost of Labor.


Comments attributable to Shadow Treasurer, Louise Staley:


“Andrews can’t manage the budget and his $4 billion of cuts will cost thousands of Victorians their jobs and the services they rely on.


“Andrews has blown the budget and we know when Labor runs out of money it comes after yours.”


Media contact:         Joshua Morris          0409 931 430

Cash for Containers

Member for Ripon Louise Staley says community groups and the environment will be the big winners under a Liberal Nationals plan to introduce a Container Deposit Scheme.
Ms Staley said a Michael O’Brien led Liberal National Government would introduce the scheme which will reduce litter and help clubs and groups fundraise.
“Victorians have been calling for a Cash for Containers scheme for years, so we’ve listened and made this commitment,” Ms Staley said.
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Strikes leave Ripon rail users waiting again

V/Line commuters in the Ararat, Ballarat and Maryborough lines have been left waiting for the bus due to industrial action today, says Member for Ripon Louise Staley.

All trains on Thursday on the Ararat, Ballarat and Maryborough line were cancelled and replaced by buses in the second day of a ten-day industrial campaign by the RTBU.

“Once again, passengers in Ripon have borne the brunt of Labor’s mismanagement of Victoria’s regional passenger rail,” Ms Staley said.

“Daniel Andrews and Labor have arrogantly ignored regional rail commuters for too long. This is yet another example of their attitude towards those Victorians who don’t live on the tram tracks.”

V/Line performance has been suffering under Labor. The Maryborough line has endured 35 consecutive months of sub-standard performance, and the Ballarat Rail Upgrade project has resulted in 117 slower services on the Ararat, Ballarat and Maryborough lines.

Also, customer satisfaction with V/Line is at a 10-year low, and V/Line’s annual budget showed that Labor had cut $149 million from the rail operator.

“Labor invested just 4% of the total capital funding for public transport from this year’s budget in regional Victoria. This is not good enough.

“People in Ripon need reliable and safe public transport to go about their daily lives, but Labor does not care about this. It is high time Daniel Andrews and Labor listened to regional Victorians and ensures this vital service operates as it is needed.”

Another summer with no Aircranes for Ballarat

The Andrews Labor Government continues to put Ballarat and Western Victorian residents at risk by refusing to station a firefighting Aircrane in Ballarat, says Member for Ripon Louise Staley.

Today Ministers Neville and D’Ambrosio announced that the Andrews Government would station the two Aircranes at Essendon and Moorabbin Airports, with no Aircrane located closer to the bushfire-prone areas of Western Victoria than Essendon Airport, over 100km away from Ballarat.

“This Melbourne-centric Andrews Labor Government have once again put Regional Victorians at risk with this short-sighted decision to locate both the Aircranes in Metropolitan Melbourne,” Ms Staley said.

“It’s yet another decision that endangers people living outside the tram tracks. From attacking the CFA to refusing to release fuel load maps, it is clear that Daniel Andrews and Labor do not care about those Victorians who don’t live in Melbourne.”

“The former Liberal Government and previous Labor Governments stationed an Aircrane at Ballarat that was, therefore, able to attend bushfires in Western Victoria much quicker than one stationed at Essendon or Moorabbin. I call on the Andrews Labor Government to station an Aircrane at Ballarat immediately.”

An Aircrane firefighting aircraft was stationed at Ballarat until the 2016 summer.

Billions spent for slower trains to Ballarat

Commuters from Ballarat to Melbourne are today spending more time on trains and less time at home doing the things they enjoy thanks to Labor’s slowed-down train timetables.

Following months of disruption where commuters have endured terrible train performance, Labor’s answer to make trains meet their timetable targets is to make the timetables slower.

The Ballarat Rail Upgrade Project has cost more than $500 million but for all that money, what commuters have to show for it is slower travel times.

The new timetables, effective today, contain 117 slower services from the Ararat, Ballarat and Maryborough lines.

This is after years of substandard service on those lines, including 35 consecutive months of underperformance on the Maryborough line.

Comments attributable to Member for Ripon, Louise Staley

“Commuters from Ararat, Ballarat and Maryborough deserve a reliable train service to get them to and from work as quickly as possible and under Daniel Andrews, they are not getting this.

“Instead they are getting 117 slower services a week.

“Labor’s rail fail is meaning Victorian commuters are being left at the station, getting home later and spending more time on the already crowded trains.

“It is another example of Daniel Andrews’ arrogant disregard for Victorians who don’t live inside the tram tracks.”

Staley says new data shows the State Government is ignoring Ballarat’s homeless problem

The latest social housing waiting list data released by the Andrews Labor Government reveals that the Government would need to build 74% more social housing properties to house those people on the current waiting list.

Member for Ripon Louise Staley said there are currently 2503 social housing properties in Ballarat, yet there are 1845 applications assessed as needing social housing. Each of these applications represents an entire household, meaning the actual number of people is far higher than 1845.

Under the Andrews Labor Government, the total number of applications on the social housing waiting list in Ballarat has blown out by 117%, from 850 in September 2014 to 1845 in June 2019.

Of even more significant concern is the number of applications on the priority waiting list, which has blown out by 362%, from 227 applications in September 2014 to a massive 1049 applications in June 2019.

The priority-access list includes some of the most vulnerable in our community; these are people suffering domestic violence, the homeless, disabled and those with special housing needs.

These people have been assessed as having priority status, yet the wait for appropriate housing is longer than ever before.

The data for Ballarat is far worse than the state average, which has seen the total social housing waiting list in Victoria increased by nearly 24% and the priority list blow out by a massive 127%, reinforcing the view that the Andrews Labor Government has ignored the problem of homelessness and the need for more social housing.

“The latest social housing data sheets home the need for urgent action by the State Government to address homelessness and the lack of social housing in the Ballarat area,” Ms Staley said.

“The Wendouree electorate remains the number three regional area for homeless persons in Victoria, with 293 local people currently without a roof over their head.”  

Ms Staley said together with the enormous social housing waiting list; it is obvious more support for our homeless and those seeking housing in Ballarat is badly needed.

 “Immediate action is required to help these our most vulnerable people, and I call on Daniel Andrews to address the problem as a matter of urgency.”