Transparency about my salary

I believe it is important that information about all salary and allowances that I receive from the public purse are easily accessible by you, my constituents.

Salary  $ 182,413
Shadow Treasurer loading (Sep-June)  $  13,137
Superannuation (Note 1)  $  28,407
Electorate Allowance (Note 2)  $  48,357
Parliamentary Sitting Accommodation Allowance (Note 3)  $  26,609
Car allowance (Note 4)  

Note 1. I will NOT receive an MP pension (the old pollie pension) when I retire. I receive employer contributions to an ordinary superannuation fund, in the same way that all employees do, to which I add personal contributions.

Note 2. I spend my entire Electorate Allowances on work-related expenses such as sporting club and other group sponsorships, attending community functions, Facebook advertising, and additional office expenses above my Electorate Office budget. I do not sponsor individuals.

Note 3. I live in my electorate, at Ararat. I maintain a flat in Melbourne so I can attend Parliament and other meetings in Melbourne. The cost of the flat exceeds the Parliamentary Sitting Accommodation Allowance.

Note 4. I drive a Subaru Outback provided by the parliament; since my election in December 2014, I have driven over 220,000km. I do not have a driver.

Because of the size of Ripon, 16,761 km², if I have been at a late function and I have another early one in the same part of Ripon the next day, I occasionally stay in a motel and the cost of this is reimbursed by parliament. In 2019 I have done this seven times (to September).