Valuable police resources wasted on Labor’s vacuous political stunt

Victoria Police have today revealed that they will not take any further action into a State Labor complaint about the Coalition’s use of taxpayer funds and electorate officer resources.

Following a ten month investigation, senior Victoria Police detectives today confirmed no offences have been identified and no further action will be taken.

Member for Ripon, Louise Staley, who was referred under the investigation despite not even being an elected Member of Parliament at the time the alleged impropriety occurred, has slammed Premier Andrews and his devious deputy James Merlino for wasting precious police time and resources because of their vexatious claim.

“I am absolutely appalled at the extent to which Labor leaders and the Labor party will go to in an attempt to throw their political opponents under the bus,”

“In an act of pre-election pure desperation, Labor attempted to divert attention away from their disastrous Red-Shirt investigation by the police Fraud Squad by making up spurious claims about Coalition members,”

“And yet they couldn’t even get it right – they referred me, Tim Smith and John Pesutto – as part of this investigation and yet none of us were sitting MPs at the time,”

“My advice to Premier Andrews and James Merlino is get a mirror – because the people guilty of rorting the taxpayer is you two.”

It’s no wonder Victoria continues to have a crime problem when Labor thinks nothing of wasting valuable police time and resources on Labor’s vexatious claims.