Victoria will be a more expensive place to live from tomorrow

Ripon MP Louise Staley has said Lucas, Miners Rest, Mitchell Park and other areas in the City of Ballarat region are going to be more expensive places to live from tomorrow due to the Andrews Labor Government increasing a whole range of government fees, fines and charges as of July 1.

“Services, fees and charges that will go up include things like vehicle registration fees; driver licences; road tolls and traffic fines; freedom of information requests; birth, death and marriage certificates; boat licences and registrations; regional water bills, and business registration fees,” Ms Staley said.

Examples of increases include:

  • Rural car registration (up $14.70 to $675.20)
  • Light trailer and caravan registration (up $1.40 to $56.90)
  • 10 year drivers licence (up $6.60 to $267)
  • Red light fines (up $10 to $389)
  • Fines for talking on a mobile phone while driving (up $11 to $466)

Ms Staley said many services enjoyed recreationally by regional and rural Victorians are also feeling the sting, with those who enjoy water sports to be particularly hard-hit by increases to boat registrations, boat licences and recreational fishing licences.

“Fishing licences have gone up significantly - three year fishing licences have increased by $24to $90, single year licences by $8.50 to $33 and 28 day licences by $8 to $20,” Ms Staley said.

The Ripon MP said Premier Daniel Andrews and his Government are continuing to make it difficult for rural and regional Victorians, when many are already doing it tough, particularly as local farmers’ battle with prolonged drought.

“For our local communities in the Ballarat region, each increase is yet another cost for people to try and cover in their already over stretched household budgets,” Ms Staley said