March 06, 2020
Contact: Louise Staley

Labor’s latest new tax to add more to strain to housing market

Labor has today announced its 28th new or expanded tax since Daniel Andrews was elected as Premier, this time the tax will be passed on to home and unit buyers.


The new construction tax put on companies needing to use a road to construct or renovate properties will be passed on to home and unit buyers by construction companies.


Victoria is already the highest taxed state in the country, the latest new tax comes off the back of Labor’s doubling of the bin tax which will add even more pressure to Victorians’ cost of living.


If Labor was serious about tackling congestion on our roads, it would stop saying no to the desperately needed East West Link.


Comments attributable to Shadow Treasurer, Louise Staley:


“Labor’s new construction tax will add additional costs to Victorians who are already struggling to get into the property market.


This is the second tax grab within days from a Premier and a Treasurer who have maxed out the state’s credit card, and they are coming after every Victorian to patch up their buggered budget.”


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